yoga pose

Yoga is not working out, it’s working within.


Yoga may not cure everything, is what I have told many students, but it will make your journey towards healing easier when used properly.  Yoga is medicine for your body and mind.

Exploring the power and experience of yoga has taught me to teach only from my heart.  It always has been my path and why I choose Indra Devi as my master teacher. It was she who appeared when I called.

It is my endeavor to bring the profound passion I feel for yoga’s ancient teachings into the contemporary lives of my students of all ages and needs.  My certifications have led me to teach yoga to special children and senior populations, as well as special adults. Yoga is for everyone. I taught a paraplegic once because if you can breathe, you are doing yoga.

Besides being the perennial yoga teacher and student, I have studied Tibetan Buddhism and draw inspiration from Gelek Rimpoche and many others as my spiritual teachers.  My dharma name is Joie, which was a description given me by my students and special friends.

I teach from the perspective of “Yoga body, Buddha mind.”

I look forward to sharing yoga with you.