Joani - CopyJoani Foster, freelance journalist and writer creates smiles, laughter, and often a tear or two for her readers. She was first published at age 15. Her work has encompassed many facets from reporting to column writing and magazine articles ever since.

Joani wrote a weekly column for Sun Times Media for many years. As a staff writer with Women’s Weekly, she gave her readers insight about everything from interior decorating to breast augmentation.

As an avid researcher and a medical and pharmaceutical salesperson, she wrote articles in periodicals pertaining to doctors’ opinions on products.

As a freelance writer, Joani Foster has a winning formula: No matter what her subject is, she not only delivers it cleanly and on time, she effectively engages her readers and makes them feel passionately about her subject.

She is a certified Yoga Teacher that now specializes in specific populations such as seniors and special children. Her articles on Yoga, Nia, health, meditation, and eating healthy have appeared in Yoga today and many other publications. She is a regular contributor to an on –line entertainment magazine and often writes about her travels.

As a public speaker she talks about “Being Ageless.” Her purpose is not to prevent the inescapable passage of the seasons of our lives, but to find a way to achieve agelessness in body, mind, emotions and spirit as a four-part process.

Her philosophy of life is, ‘DANCE, DANCE, DANCE… UNTIL YOU CAN’T DANCE ANYMORE. And when in doubt— TWIRL.”