Yes, we can

I am adding a new category to my writing. It’s called “Yes we can.”

President Obama talked about the presence of fear in these times and how dangerous fear is for our country.  IT IS; not only for our country, but for our own lives. We must be vigilant and not afraid, he went on to say.

The presence of fear is a sure sign that we are trusting in our own individual strength, or that we are feeling what we fear is too powerful to fight.

I know I base my opinions on evidence. First, there is a baseline of facts. Let’s all look for them. We must search the facts, the reasons and the sources. There is common ground when you separate the chaff from the wheat. Consider the facts of climate change. Yes, there are lots of opinions, but there are hard scientific facts to support the overwhelming evidence supplied by scientists, as opposed to the way greed mongers make their statements. But the best approach is to look for answers together. Our efforts may be imperfect, but together, we can.

Let’s all lace up our shoes. Yes, we can!

I understand that some of the people that voted for Trump were in dire straits. I am very sympathetic with them, as with all people living on a very low income.

On Donald Trump’s website, he promises a 15% cut in taxes for the wealthy and a 2% cut for the middle class. Single-parent taxes double. Has there been much mention of minimum wage?

Nothing promised for seniors, so we’d better be nice to our kids; we might be moving in with them.

Yes, we can, by using reliable sources and standing up!

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