Gracefully growing old?

Joani - CopyI am not going to grow old gracefully. And neither should you. I will remain ageless.  This blog is about that distinction. It is not my intention to make war against aging, but rather to re-define it. It is a mistake to make war against anything, even aging. When people ask how old I am, I rarely answer with more than, “Why do you want to know?” It’s not their business; only Social Security needs to know the truth.

It’s been my experience that often you are being put in a box and then labeled accordingly to that person’s belief about what you should be at that specific age. Doctors do it to their patients often. Example:  At a certain time pain is to be expected, because the belief is your warranty is about to run out. In this country, aging is about declining. Who wouldn’t rather recline than decline? Who wants to be reminded that you are running out of time?  Beliefs and expectations, those of other people and your own, have an impact on your very physiology.

Sometimes when someone finds out how old you are, the response is, “You look so great!“ Is that as opposed to looking close to death? Words have an impact on our bodies as much as beliefs and expectations do.

Ever caught yourself slapping your forehead saying “I am having a senior moment.”? Guess what, young people have them too. The difference is they don’t call them senior moments. In this age of overwhelming information and the speed at which technology is moving, it is not surprising. Stop calling them senior moments; they are not. Do not participate in flogging yourself.

I have read much of Dr. Christiane Northrup’s work.  She has enlightening information for all of us. Recently, she referenced a very interesting study.  There were two groups of men between the ages of 70 and 85in this 30-day study. The men in Group #1 were told to reminisce about their prime younger years by playing music and watching movies and so forth.  Those in Group #2 were instructed to ”act as if.” They were told to do all of the same things but to feel as though they were back living in their prime. When the time was up, the men were examined. All in Group #2 had improved both physically and mentally. Group #1 had no significant changes.

It impacts our bodies and minds to change our beliefs, our thoughts and our words. Most importantly, change the way you feel. Know that this is your prime. Every moment you have is.

“Growing old gracefully” smacks of being resigned.  Personally, I would like to be late to my own funeral because the party was just too much fun to leave!



  1. Terri Morandi says

    Hi Joani:

    Terri from Glenart Theater here…

    I began reading your blog this morning while eating breakfast. Giggling is such a great way to start the day. Thank you for making that happen for me today.

    I totally agree with your comments about how your thoughts and beliefs influence how you feel.

    I’m sorry about your back giving you problems. I too have a problem with my cervical spine (spinal stenosis) that on rare occasions has caused my back to hurt. Not fun. Our good old skeletons do a good job of connecting everything but in that case I wish they was a separation. A good doctor at Loyola has a scalpel poised in the air to help me when and if it gets too bad. So far I’m opting to ignore him and my pain. :>)

    I have to go now and get back to my reading. Make it a good day, Joani.

    PS What in technology is a GIF? I often see it but am technologically challenged at times.

    PSS I am now 71 and have less than 30 years to make it to my goal. Cousin Ruth is my roll model and with your help I can make it…

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