My Secret Garden

JoaniBelieving that IF I started each day with a meditation, my day would be better, I plugged myself into a guided one. I needed to focus, really focus. I had to find an important file and work on it. I knew I was having a bad day when my favorite guided meditation went off track in the very beginning.

First, in my imagination, I donned my white robe. The instructions were that I was to be naked underneath. I felt a little conspicuous about that. Cheerfully I remembered that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bra on. We are imagining high peaks.

We are still imagining as I walk carefully through the soft grass and step on something gooey. Never mind, no one has been walking a dog out here in my special place. And… if they were, where was their plastic bag?

The water from the fountain caused an interruption due to my morning coffee. I paused my meditation, but was soon was back to business. I walked to the described hammock and my robe kept coming untied just like in real life. A very sweet voice said, “See the fountain and hear the water and smell the flowers while climbing in.”

I fell out due to too much sequencing. I tried to picture myself climbing back in gracefully. (I couldn’t find a reference memory for that scene. You know… the graceful part. I climbed back in anyway.) I was really getting into it now.

The water from the beautiful stone fountain began to sputter and sputter…

I gave up and assured myself that all that really mattered was intention.

I decided to find the file I needed to work on.

2 hours later…

I am still searching.

I am going to eat.

I put it somewhere SAFE.

GOD, can you help me find it?

I have started my day with a garden meditation. I fell out of the hammock I was instructed to lay down in. Was that a SIGN from You? I will try until 12:00 to find that file.  And then I WILL eat.

I will call the government; they know more about me than I do. Maybe they know where it is.


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    I love this, Joani – I’ve never been a meditator but you’ve given me insight. I think I’ve developed ADD or ADHD in my later years and wonder if I could really concentrate enough to let myself go into a state of meditation. Keep at it! Your blog site is lovely.

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